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Chating with latex?

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    Chating with latex??

    I am new in the forum but I am into research for a while now,...
    I was wandering if there was any piece of software which capabilities to chat and send latex content that is compiled and shown as an image. It would be preferable for windows but linux is Ok too. I would be very interested.
    I know of the existence of pidgin and the pidgin-latex plugin but I have been some problems to make it work, apparently in compiles the latex code as it should but later it does not find the image file to show...

    I think there may be other softwares doing similar things but I couldn't find it.
    Btw, the forum and the latex integration are very performing,... I thought about the same kind of integration of forums but never got to work on it. Great work!
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    I know one for Mac.
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    Search For it Here!

    :rolleyes:For PC Win

    "www.tucows.com/search.html?search_scope=win&search_adv=0&search_size=&search_size_multi=b&search_terms=chat+&x=23&y=12" [Broken]

    :devil:For Latex

    "www.tucows.com/search.html?search_scope=lin&search_adv=0&search_size=&search_size_multi=b&search_terms=chat+&x=23&y=12" [Broken]

    tucows.com is a good search For FreeWare and SoftWare
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