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Cheap Piezoelectric Generator

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    With a budget of less than $100, does anyone have an idea on how to make a cheap piezoelectric generator using materials found at home?
    (aluminum foil, wire, battery, and a silicon swim cap maybe?)

    I plan to modify this generator to then integrate it inside a bike tire so that whenever I ride, I can generate some electricity (for my phone perhaps).
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    I have always wanted to take apart one of those shoes that children wear that flashes a LED.
    Why don't you take one of these shoes apart and let us know what's inside.
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    The skechers kids shoes? There's a battery inside, not quite what the OP is looking for I don't think. ;)
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    There are piezo electric generators in gas hot water systems and gas barbeques, but they generate thousands of volts and give very little current, so they are not going to be much use for battery charging.

    They work by hitting a piezoelectric crystal, so you could get less voltage by not hitting it so hard, but you would get less current as well.
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    I believe some of those shoe companies use piezoelectric materials. I'll have to look into that.
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