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Cheating isn't moral but ...

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    My name is Amir and from Iran. I see guys who said that cheating isn't moral. I want to know how they behave in the flowing situation:
    1- All your colleges and classmate cheating! (And professors as well)
    2- If you don't cheat you fail because the professor give mark based on other exam! (I don't cheat and my bachelor degree get 6 years long and not yet finish)
    3- If you don't cheat you can't done all assignment!
    4- If you don't cheat your GPA go down (Like me 13.4/20 when I start University my GPA is better!) (And applying for another country depend on that)
    5- If you go out the university if male you must go to military service up to 24 month!
    6- If you don't get degree (and it isn't important what is you major!) you can't get job; and establish a businesses isn't easy! (see Iran below)

    So I honestly ask what is your behavior I this situation? What is your advise for peoples like me?
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    Cheating is wrong. It is wrong to others (it is pretending that you have achieved something that in fact you have not done) and it is wrong to yourself (it is fooling yourself into thinking you know something that you do not know). If you cheat in school, it becomes a way of life, and you will be inclined to cheat throughout life. You become simply a fraud.

    Today, in many places, cheating seems to be accepted. Well, nothing is new. Evil has been around for a very long time and will likely continue. Do you want to have an evil life?
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    I discourage cheating mainly because it is just cheating yourself. Sure, if you cheat then you can pass exams easily, but you don't obtain the actual knowledge. And later in life you will need this knowledge and experience. If you cheated your way through life, then you will struggle a lot later on.

    Cheating is of course also wrong to others. But under the condition that everybody cheats, I don't have much problems with it. Just make sure that you actually know the material (and really, if you know the material, you probably don't have to cheat anyway).
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    Your post basically is a list of advantages you think cheating will give you. I guess you have to ask yourself what kind of person you are.
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    I would collect evidence then report, report and report.
    If your dean doesn't listen talk to someone in the media, write a piece for your university magazine, or write to the engineering regulatory body in your country - I'm sure your school will take notice if their accreditation is at stake.
    Surely your university would have to respond to a systemic cheating scandal that involves professors?

    As for your Facebook page, I think something has been lost in translation. It makes no sense to me, I assume it's satire but if I didn't know better it appears you're sharing cheating software. Either way the English, and the message is poor.
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    Cheating is always wrong, there is no excuse. Just because others cheat is no excuse. Other people you encounter in life will always cheat, it doesn't stop in school. you need to be better than them or lower yourself to their level. Here, we don't allow cheating.
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