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    take a randomly drawn surface,put some charge inside it,this surface should be having some sharp features.if this thing is a metallic surface then it 's surace will be equipotential,due to this charge density on the sharp points will be the maximum,therefore electric field just outside this surace near the sharp points will be the maximum.But now if we take a gaussian sphere with the charge in it such that this gaussian surface coincides with the sharp points then the electric field at all points equidistant from the centre of the gausian sphere will be the same which does not coincide with the above result that the e.f shpuld be maximum near the sharp points.{NOTE:try to take a symmytric shape having symmytric sharp points while drawing the random model}
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    i'll appreciate if somebdy answers this
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    Draw some picture, instead of talking....can not understand the problem and the solution you are posing...
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    see I don't know how to draw a picture in this box so I will give u a region which is same as the diagram I want to convey
    a^2y^2=x^2{a^2-x^2} and thein the second curve replace x by y and vice versa.
    the circle may be given by x^2+y^2=a^2
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