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Homework Help: Check my Density problem please?

  1. Nov 19, 2006 #1
    I believe I have correct answer, but I'd just like to confirm with others...

    Question: What is the density of an object that is 14% submerged when floating in water at 0 degrees C?

    density of water at 0 degrees C = 999.87, according to my book

    So the formula I set up is...

    ((density of object)/(density of liquid)) x 100 = % submerged

    Filling in the blanks...

    ((density of object)/(999.87)) x 100 = 14%

    Divide the 14 by 100...

    ((density of object)/(999.87)) = .14

    Multiply the density of water by .14 ...

    (999.87)(.14) = 139.9818 = density of object

    Have I solved this correctly? Thanks for looking this over!
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    Looks OK except you do not multiply the density ratio by 100. You multiply by 100% = 100/100 = 1. When you divide 14% by 100 you get .0014. That is not what you did (fortunately). You divided 14% by 100% and got .14
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