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Check out Rev Right live now on CNN

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    Check it out
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    Sorry, it should be Rev. Wright.

    I think he may have just made things a lot harder for Obama.

    Sounded like Hate speech to me, and this should be at his best. His theories seamed dillusional and inspired by racial hatred. I am beginning to wonder whether or not I want to vote for someone who's life has been changed and has been inspired by such a crackpot luny.
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    Are you kidding me? I disagreed with a few of his sentiments, but his overall message was as far-reaching and embracing as you can get. He took particular care not to offend people of faith traditions apart from his own (and he included atheists) and people of other races and nationalities. He kept repeating that point. You might disagree with his argument regarding differences, but he tried to reference appropriate academic work for his support, at least in the beginning. He wasn't pulling stuff out of the air. Besides, the general theme of that speech would work above some of the things he said regarding linguistic and cultural differences.
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    Didn't sound too far off from this speech to be honest...

    Or this one...

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    I heard he was going to be the keynote speaker for an NAACP dinner. I knew that would be interesting...
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    He did not really mention any race in any meaningful way except for the white race, and the black race. Back and forth, black and white stereotypes with the connotations of his words showing hatred for whites.

    I did not get a clear message. The only real theme that I got out of it was that Blacks have and are being oppressed by whites with angry tone.

    I'm not sure if I should be insulted by being stereotyped as a left brained non creative person who claps on 1 and 3 instead of 2 and four. The ignorance he bases a lot of this stuff on is insane to me. Firstly, the music he refers to that accentuate 2 and 4 are african american styles of music. African countries don't even have similar styles. In west africa, the beats are different than south, and east different as well. Many African countries have native music which accents 1 and 3. Common African styles accent the ands. Write actually looks more white than black anyways, so I would think he must be genetically pre determined to clap on 1 and 3 anyways, I wonder how he overcame that?
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    I'm still listening to the replay right now. He spends an awful lot of time talking about cultural differences and implying, among other things, that 'correct english' is a matter of perspective and that 'ebonics' (he doesn't use the word) is just as valid as 'correct english'. He compares a Boston accent with what you might hear on a rap CD, which is a rediculous comparison - there is a difference between accented speech and slang.

    He also says that blacks' brains are wired differently from whites, so the reason they don't tend to do as well in school (statistically) is because they are being taught wrong. That's a pretty bold, not to mention anti-black racist, claim.

    So the question I still have is how much do this ignorant bigot's views did he teach/impart on Obama?
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    My cousin, who went on to become a university English teacher, was for some reason a support of Ebonics. Being as educated as she is, I have no clue what led her to believe it as being a valid form of teaching language, or as a base to build learning proper English. The entire family first learned of this during a Christmas get together when she mentioned it... I think my uncle mentioned something about rap music and slang being a BIG hindrance to the way youth learn language. She was VERY militant about it too. Feeling as though it was truly valid. Needless to say, everyone looked at her a bit strange for the rest of the day.
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    He never fails to mention evil acts committed by whites, but what about countries like Angola, where black rebels go around mutilating little girls, raping and killing whole villages. Not to mention genocide in Sudan. Why must whites who have had nothing to do with the oppression of African Americans be slandered and hated. Any person could just as easily hate all blacks for using specific world events as reasoning. He is encouraging hate into the hearts of his audience just like Hitler did blaming the Jews using hate speech and accusations to paint a race as inherently evil. People let it slide because of the history of oppression of blacks, but that time is generally gone. Not to mention that many whites fought and died to free slaves, and there were enough of them to win. Should we pick and choose events to our liking in order to inspire hate into the masses? That is what he does.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Here's the 4/27/08 speech its self...

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