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Check out this flying mower!

  1. Feb 6, 2005 #1
    Whoever built it makes it look so easy.
    http://www.crapville.com/videos/flyinglawnmower.asp [Broken]
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    How does that thing fly?!?

    Does it have a makeshift jet engine built in or something? Lawnmowers are pretty heavy, and not exactly aerodynamic.
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    It is easy to design a device that defies the rules of physics. Making it work is harder.
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    Obviously not a real mower, just a balsa mockup (but a good one from a distance)
    Add a new dimension to the phrase "if pigs could fly".
    Now that would be something, bacon that flies straight from the farm to the table :-)
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    Kinda takes the idea of a hover-mower to extremes...
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    I am impressed!

    It doesn't seem too heavy from the way it bounces on landing. I suspect that the handle behaves as a counterweight.

    Very clever. I take my hat off to the engineer who designed and constructed it.
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    These have been around for quite some time. I used to work in a hobby shop back in the day and I remember talking about them. Here's a link to one from back in 1978:

    http://www.bellevillercflyers.com/gallery/album24 [Broken]

    It is a neat idea. Not something you see everyday.
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