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Homework Help: Check to see if this is done correct

  1. Oct 31, 2004 #1
    i have this question its worth 12 marks so i'm just wondering if i did it properly. the question is "the following diagram shows two charged objects, 1 and 2, and their positions relative to point p"
    object 1 ----------------object 2---------------p
    q1=+6.00microC q2=-3.00microC
    distance between q1 and q2 is 2.00m and distance between q2 and p is 1.00m
    "calculate the magnitude and direction of the resultant electric field at point p.

    so this is what i did

    [E1]=kq1/r (8.99x10^9 N.m2/C2)(6.00x10^-6C)/(2.00m)^2
    [E2]=kq2/r (8.99x10^9 N.m2/C2)(3.00x10^-6C)/1.00m)^2

    than i went [Ep]=[E1+E2]
    so my final answer is 4.05x10^4N/C to the right.

    is this correct. thanks
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    Almost. Note though, that the distance from q1 to p is
    'the distance from q1 to q2'+'the distance from q2 to p'.

    Also, the q2 is negatively charged. Don't forget that minus sign.
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