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Checking disease

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    Hello, my name is Richard D. O'Neal, I have a question about lympatic
    Lymphatic system plays a very important role in immunologic defenses. But how can a physician determine the disease's main location ? Thanks a lot
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    What kind of disease do you mean? The location is determined by looking at the symptoms of the patient.
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    your question is really hard to understand,
    About immunologic defense realating to lymphatic system, things usually happens with the swelling of the lymph node. you can see this quite a lot among the young because their bodies are fighting against infections. And when they get older, no more swellings. but if there is, they need to see doctors urgently because it might be dangerous infection or even cancer symtoms but patients themselves do not often relise because its not so painfull at all as did happen in their chilhood. Physician must check for where/which lymph node the lymph flows to, to control the spreading fo the disease. Differnt parts of bodies are to be learnt to understand hwo to determine and prevent more spreading of virus...etc.
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