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Checking My Force, Torque calculations

  1. Mar 16, 2014 #1
    500lbs pressing down on two gears. Surface area of contact on one gear is 0.03125 inches squared.

    I calculated pressure.
    500lbs / 0.0625 = 8000psi being exerted onto the two gears' surface areas. One gear has 4000psi.

    The gears' radius is 0.47 inches.

    I calculated torque for an individual gear.
    4000psi (0.47 inches) = 1880 inch pounds. (I think I just found my mistake, but I'll finish posting this with my new results).

    So the torque being applied to the gears is 1880 inch pounds each.

    I guess working through the problem for the 3rd time helped. But I would welcome anyone to double check my triple check. I still may have misunderstood something and my calculations are off.
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