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Homework Help: Checking over SHM

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    The intensity of a spherical wave is 21 W/m^2 at a distance 16 m away from a constantly emitting source. What will it be 3 m away?

    Using the formula

    I_2/I_1 = (r_1)^2/(r_2)^2

    I got 588 W/m^2 0r 600. Correct?

    If the length of pendulum with T = 10 s were halved, what would be its new T?

    My answer was 7.1. Correct?

    Halved scenario:

    T = 2pi*sqrt(L/2g)

    but first find original L with

    10 s = 2pi*sqrt(L/9.8) to plug in.

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    first answer is correct: I is proportional to the inverse square since the source emits energy in spherical wave fronts and the surface area of a sphere is 4*pi*r^2.

    the second anser sounds good but i havent a calculator near me. The period of a pendulum is proportional to the square root of the length so T1/T2=(L1/L2)^.5 so the answer reduces to 10/2^.5 or 10/1.4
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    The second is right too.
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