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CHEM 1412 question

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    It's been two years since I finished CHEM 1411, and I'm taking CHEM 1412 (General Inorganic Chemistry 2) this summer. What should I review specifically from 1411 to be adequately refreshed? Thanks.
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    Just go re-read the chapters it covered. You do keep your old textbooks, right?
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    I'm at a different school. I only keep my math and science textbooks.
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    Chemistry is a science, and the book was good enough for the topic the first time around. Where does the problem lie, again?
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    Sorry. I forgot to say I don't have the 1411 book!
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    Bummer. Have you checked whether your new school's library has a copy of your old book or the one used at the new school? (If you haven't noticed, I haven't taken inorganic chem to know what a topic list should look like, just curious about some of the more obvious review options you hadn't mentioned trying.)
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    Well, I do have my old exam reviews. I looked at two of them a few days ago, but there definitely were some fuzzy areas. Some things came back to mind as I was skimming through them. Obviously, I should finish looking at the exam reviews. The point of this thread was to find things specifically that are used quite a bit in 1412. Man, it's been awhile. lol.
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    Here's something else that might help if you can't turn up any books:

    http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Chemistry/5-04Fall-2004/LectureNotes/index.htm [Broken]
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