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Chem E or Aerospace?

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    I'm a high school senior, making my college decision in the next month or two. I applied to schools as an Aerospace engineering major, but I'm really enjoying my AP chemistry class and leaning towards Chem E as a major now. However, I do not wish to totally abandon aerospace, so I was thinking I could work on Aerospace materials, in specific polymers and composite materials. Would it be more advantageous to Chem E major, than major in Aerospace? I want to get an education in both disciplines, as I do not want to be ignorant in one topic or another.
    I'm currently leaning towards Majoring in Chem E with a concentration in Polymer engineering, then get master's in Aerospace. Would this make sense? Recommendations are appreciated for what my course of action should be.
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    If I were you, I would start out as a chem engineer. I don't know how your school does it, but at A&M, freshman chem engineers are required to take more extensive chemistry courses that aerospace would simply ignore. If you can't hack chem engineering, or get yearnings for aerospace again, it's easier to change majors from chem to aero than aero to chem -- and you'd be well on your way to a chemistry minor.

    Oh, and as far as grad school plans, I would definitely talk that over with a guidance counsellor. Most universities have special programs that allow you to transition the way you expressed interest in. I don't believe I've heard of anyone going from a chem engineering foundation to an aerospace masters (the disciplines are very different), so I wouldn't bet on it.
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    ok great. Thanks
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