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Homework Help: Chem eng problem

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    A gas stream contains 18.0 mole % hexane and the remainder nitrogen. The stream flows to a condenser, where its temperature is reduced and some of the hexane is liquefied. The hexane mole fraction in the gas stream leaving the condenser is .0500. Liquid hexane condensate is recovered at a rate of 1.50 L/min.

    a) what is the flow rate of the gas stream leaving the condenser?
    b) what percentage of the hexane entering the condenser is recovered as liquid?

    yikes, no idea where to start. probably should calculate the molar flow rate of the condensate since the rates at which the hexane and nitrodgen enter the unit must equal the total rates at which they leave in the two exit streams - but how?
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    One step at a time. The problem statement as posted is missing information. What's missing? Is the information available elsewhere in the text or course materials? You've already got the concept of mass balance --- "what goes in has to come out," or, "what comes out has to have gone in." And, you've picked an excellent place to take the first step in solving ---

    --- now, does that help, lead to more specific questions, or is everything still clear as mud?
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    figured it out in class today, thanks
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