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Chem Eng thoughts

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    I am currently thinking about choosing Chem Eng. as a major. I am very interested in what those who have this degree think about it. why is it a good/bad choice? what were some hard classes/subjects? where you plan on taking this degree? what are salaries like? im interested in everything about chem eng that you have to offer as advice because i might devote myself to it. This science seems right down my ally. I am very interested in this program but am apprehensive of having to take one more year of math. dont get me wrong, i am okay at math, i just hear linear algebra and Diff. egn are a pain in the butt, and i dont like any pain in my butt.
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    Chemical engineering (CME) is hard but rewarding. You get to learn a lot about processes and systems. Material balances is on of the courses that all CME's at my university have to take and it can be confusing at times and really easy at others. As the name implies you look at a flowchart and solve for the unknown variables. Another requirement is math like calculus and differential equations which can be pains to complete. Knowing that you like science is a definite plus. But the biggest payoff is the salaries, the latest numbers that I heard was about a $52,000 average base right out of school. Now keep in mind that this number depends on how big a company you work for and other such factors like benefits and bonuses. My best recommendation is to look at some schools that are ABET accredited in engineering and talk to the department head to see if this is the right major for you. Good luck with your search (and I hope I didn’t scare you :smile:)
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    Ok, here goes...

    Why does this seem "right up your alley? Is it because you like chemistry? You like math? You like the idea of engineering something?

    I don't want to be discouraging but was in a similar predicament a while back and am currently a CHE major and not sure if it is for me or not. I am also not terribly strong in math, although I did complete linear algebra and diff eq with A's, (this is not saying much with community college (mine anyhow.)) I now attend a premier university and am a Junior taking my first chem E major course, physical chemistry (basically quantum mechanics), materials E etc my first semester. If you don't like math, don't bother because this is math hardcore. If you find a reason you really think this is for you, my best advice is to GET GOOD AT MATH (Esp Diff Eq, but also lin alg and advanced calculus!) I made the mistake of thinking the classes were just for weeding then you could move on with your life... so far this is NOT the case.

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    It is not wht you like, It is wht you can

    A profesion is something to be succsesfull on it, it is going to be your form of life,it is not what you want , it is what you can do best. I wanted to be a ConcerT Piano player , and Find out I could not do it. Instead I liked , and I was god in math , Phisics , Chemistry and Enginnering and has been sucsesfull Chemical Enginner for 40 Years. But Math, phisics and Chemistry it is not enough YOU HAVE TO BE CREATIVE and be able to work in teams, and endless hours and enjoy it. The Spanish men say "currarse" , they also say, God created the word , then Adan Screw it , and then God made Adan's son a Chemical Enginner to Fix it. Dupond company used to propose , BETER THING TO LIVE BETTER THANKS TO CHEMISTRY. WE CHEMICAL ENGINNERS MASS PRODUCE THOSE THINGS AT AFORDA :smile: BLE COST
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