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    hi can anybody show me if i am writing these equations right or not thanks

    Fe3+ + 6H20 -> F2(H20)6 3 +

    Fe(H20)6 3+ + h20 -> Fe(h20)5(OH) 2+ + H30+

    when added HCL

    Fe(H20)5(OH) 2+ + 4Cl- -> Fe(OH)cl4 2- + 5H20

    when added KSCN

    Fe(OH)cl4 2- + SCN- -> Fe(Oh)SCN- + KCl4 2-

    when added KF

    Fe(OH)SCN- + KF -> KSCN + Fe(Oh)F-
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    We can only check if they are balanced and possible. Whether they will really happen will depend on the conditions - so without the actual question, it would be hard to tell truth from fiction.

    Please post the original question.

    Close, but not really balanced.

    This is really wrong. Recheck it.

    Mistake carried over from previous step.
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