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Chem Question, Reaction Rate

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    Could someone could help me with this reaction rate problem?
    4PH3(g) ------- P4(g) + 6H2(g)
    If, in a certain experiment, over a specific time period, 0.0048 mol PH3 is consumed in a 2.0 L container each second of reaction, what are the rates of production of P4 and H2 in this experiment.
    I'm almost certain I have to use the coefficients in order to find the answer, but I'm having some difficulty in making any connections.
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    I think I finally got it, first you have to divide 2.0 into 1.0, thus making .0048 into .0024, then use a proportion with the coefficients to get the answers.
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    yeah, you're on the right track, but this is particularly easy case since you're concerned with the rate of the reaction during a time range during which the rate is constant.
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