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Chem word problem

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    chem word problem !! plz help

    Hi ,

    This is a Hw question i have am stuck on i dont know how to solve it ...

    A pharmacist is to prepare 16 milliliters of special eye drops for a glaucoma patient. The eye-drop solution must have a 5% active ingredient, but the pharmacist only has 10% solution and 1% solution in stock.

    How much of 10% solution should be used to fill the prescription?

    How much of 1% solution should be used to fill the prescription?

    plz help

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    thanks for ur reply.... but i should solve this as a math word prolem not as a chemistry problem .. i mean an equation of the form : 0.03x + 0.10(16-x)= ...
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    Assume the pharmacist uses x ml of 10% solution and 16 - x ml of 1% solution. Compare the total volume of active ingredient with the required number and solve for x.
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