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Chemical Amount?

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    Chemical Amount??

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a little help with the whole concept of chemical amount. This question was posed during my intro chem lecture (assume a hydrogen atom's mass is 1 amu, and an oxygen atom's mass is 16 amu): How much oxygen does one need, to have the same number of oxygen atoms as there are hydrogen atoms in one gram of hydrogen gas? The answer was said to be 16 grams, but I can't understand why. My professor said that the amount of grams was proportional to the amu's or something.
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    Re: Chemical Amount??

    Start with 1 gram of hydrogen gas. Unless you specify differently, hydrogen gas would be the compound, H2. To help with direction of your calculations, find how many atoms of H are 1 gram of H2.
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    Re: Chemical Amount??

    Perhaps it is atoms and amu that throw you off.

    You have two types of marbles - smaller, and 16 times heavier ones. You have a 1 kg of smaller marbles. How many kg of larger marbles will have the same number of marbles as 1 kg of smaller ones has?

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