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Chemical cell ! help !

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    I am trying to understand the chemistry cell thoroughly.
    1.If there is only a copper wire connected to a multimeter, there should be no voltage, isn't it?
    2. For the set up of a zinc electrode and a copper electrode, will I get a larger voltage by changing the electrode? Such as a more concentrated one, or potassium nitrate instead of magnesium(II) nitrate.
    3.Concerning the set-up in no.3, why electrons can be given up by zinc atoms?
    My idea: Zinc atom forms ions more readily in solution ( can it be pure water?) than contacted with copper wire.
    4. Will there be any voltage if I use the zinc electrode instead copper electrode?
    So far, I am learning chemical cells, please tell me some information. Thank you.
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    Google: electrochemical cells

    You will find many good links.
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    Give some helps please. Busy doing a project.
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    http://physchem.co.za/Redox/Cu-Zn.htm [Broken]
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