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Chemical compositon of sugar [substitutes]

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    Does anyone know if confectionary sugar, is the same thing as regular sugar (ie. sucrose C12H11O11)?

    What about the chemical compostion of sugar substitutes, like 'Equal' or 'Sweet and Low'?
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    Just for the record,sucrose is one of the isomers of [tex] C_{12}H_{22}O_{11} [/tex].

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    O yes, that is what I meant, I made a typo in my original post.
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    Here is a definition of confectioners sugar I found,
    Confectioners' sugar
    also known as powdered or icing sugar, is a finely pulverized sugar that dissolves quickly and is often used to provide a thin, white decorative coating. To prevent it from absorbing moisture in the air and caking, manufacturers often add a little cornstarch.

    so since it has corn starch mixed in with it, it isnt pure sugar like I had originally thought.

    still dont know what sugar substitutes are made out of though.
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    It is about the consumer acceptance, if you will be able to store it in a dry place, just grinding sucrose into a fine powder will be okay. You'll get confectionery sugar then.
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    artificial sweetner

    artificial sweetner like equal, etc could be made from several compounds:

    the most popular one nowadays is : aspartam
    the older compounds including : saccharin, cyclamate, etc.

    Just search these name on the internet to find the chemical formula. hope it helps
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