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Homework Help: Chemical effect of electric current

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    explain me about ionisation of copper sulphate solution when an electric current is passed through it
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    what do you specifically want to know about it?
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    Gza's point is that one can give a general description or a detailed analysis using properties of electrons or anywhere between. I suspect that in your case you are expected to give the description in your textbook just to prove you have read it!
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    chemical effect

    i wanted to know how sulphate ion collets at anode and copper at cathode
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    Copper sulphate exists in aqueous solution as a bunch of ions swimming about in water. The ions are [tex]Cu^{2+}~~and ~~(SO_4)^{2-} [/tex]. When you dip a pair of electrodes in the solution and apply a potential (connect a battery) between them, you are essentially charging the electrodes. The cathode becomes negatively charged and the anode, positively charged. Hence the positively charged copper ions get attracted to the (negatively charge) cathode and the negatively charged sulphate ions get pulled towards the (positively charged) anode.
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