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Chemical Engineer Major

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    Hello all. I am currently in my first year of a chemical engineering program and I was talking to someone in the Chemical Engineering section of this forum and he said that partial differential equations is very important for Chem E's. He actually said that I should not even thing about graduating without taking this class. He made it sound EXTREMELY important. Well, my question is whether or not such a high level of mathematics is nessesary for a chemical engineer. Would I really use partial differential equations in the field?
    I am only required to take ordinary differential equations, but I am pretty sure that I am also going to take linear algebra. That is as far as I planned on going with the math, but this guy made higher level mathematics sound so important to Chem E's I am considering going all the way to partial differential equations. The thing about this is that intermediate differential equations is a pre req for partial. That means that I would be one class shy of a mathematics minor if I did this (Ordinary DiffE, Intermediate DiffE, then Paritial DiffE). If I were to take those classes I would probably go ahead and take Introduction to Mathematic Modelling just to get the minor.
    Do you guys think it would be wise to do this, or do you think that it would be smarter to minor in Chemistry. I could take Physcial Chem 2, BioChem 1 and 2, Inorganic Chem 1 and maybee Inorganic Chem 2, all of which I am not required to take. It seems to me that taking the extra classes in the area of chemistry would make me more hireable as oppose to taking extra classes in mathematics. Do you guys think I would be more employable by minoring in mathematics, or minoring in chemistry?
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