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Chemical Engineer

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    Hello all, I am currently a physics major and may be looking to switch to some sort of engineering. I have been reading up on chemical engineering and this looks like a very interesting field of study. I was wondering if there were any chem engineers here and how they felt about their field? What is the "life" of a chem engineer and possible employment opportunities? I love both physics and chemistry and find myself doing very well in Chemistry. I am currently in calculus and doing well in that class also. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I am a chemical engineering student .
    I want to tell you that chemical engineering does not depend really on chemistry .
    During your study you will not take an advace course on chemistry but you will study a general chemistry just to make sure that you can understand what is going on. when you study chemical engineering you will need to dial extensivly ''during your study not in real work'' with Calculuse.

    this is nice description of chemical engineering science " It employs chemical and physical principles for the design of processes and the conversion of raw materials into valuable products to improve life for the average person. The chemical conversions involve the preparation of useful products in large quantities using basic thermodynamics and chemical kinetics, which govern reactions. Physical conversions utilize unit operations, fluiddynamics,heattransfer,
    and mass transfer to separate the reactant
    products into useful pure chemicals
    . All these subjects are used in the design of chemical plants and refineries.''

    the sentences which is in bold are the subject of the major courses in this field.

    In real work chemical engineer can work almost in any kind of company and especially in oil and petrochemical company.
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