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Chemical engineering job in the space industry?

  1. Aug 1, 2010 #1
    Here's the thing. I love chemistry/math/physics/design, and I love space. If I could combine these things, I would have my perfect job. I'm entering my first year of chemE this fall, but all first years in engineering take the same classes. I read this article (http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q...rlVYBU&sig=AHIEtbRrEstvswtPnkNxUrtdjJmBv-hhMg) and have some hope that I could do some type of work in this industry. I know that I may be doing similar things in the space industry vs. in a plant, but it would be much more exciting for me to have a part in.

    Can anyone give me any guidance? My school has a good Aerospace/mechanical and chemE program. I'm not really interested in airplanes, but I am interested in rocketry. However, I find myself more fascinated with the propulsion aspects and especially utilizing chemicals in the atmosphere for navigating a craft.

    I've heard that the space industry (NASA) is now a joke, but that the future lies in private sector companies. I'd appreciate it if someone could expand on this for how it relates to the future of jobs available.

    If I'm not able to get a job in the space industry, then I'll probably want to work with future energy sources-i.e. perfecting the hydrogen fuel cell. It's my understanding that these two jobs would be fairly similar, so a master's in chemical engineering should be enough to gain me one of these jobs. Is that the recommended level of education for my goals?

    I apologize for the jumbled questions. If anything needs more clarity, just ask. :)

    Edit- I'm thinking of minoring in Physics, which is just 3 more classes than what's required for chemE. I could take PY 328 (Introduction to Stellar Astrophysics (3 cr) and PY 341 Space time Physics (3 cr). Aside from those, I wouldn't really have much room in my schedule to take AeroE classes since I'm in an honors program which makes us take seminars each semester, which take up elective spaces.

    Edit2- http://www.docstoc.com/docs/1084013/Chemical-Engineering-at-NASA Interesting. I'm thinking of doing a CoOp..my school has a nice program, but there's no Space place near me. Should I think of doing it in a different field? How would this look?
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