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Chemical engineering sounds interesting

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    This is a simple question that may have a long answer, but here goes. If any of you are chemical engineers, I'd like to know a little bit about your job. What tasks are you normally assigned and what kind of enviroment do you work in? I appreciate any and all feedback!

    -Muon12 (the guy without the cool graphic under his title)
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    Or MSE as well.
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    im a chemical engineering
    im still in the third year in the faculty of engineering university of alxandria egypt

    yeah chemical engineering is interesting
    and whats more interesting is that they are the second best payed engineers after the computer engineers

    we usually work in:

    (1) chemical engineering plants: like food and beverages, production of chemicals(acids alkalis and salts and other organic solvents)

    (2) petroluim plants: extraction of petroluim and purification and refinery

    (3) petrochemical plants: production of petroluim based compounds such as polymers(plastic and other ploymers), LPG (liqufied petroluim gas)

    (4) water treatment: now that municipial water standards are very tight better and more effecient water treatment plants are in use

    (5) waste water treatment: to treat water which is disposed of or to use waste water in agrigation it must be treated properly

    (5) production of fertelizers:

    (6) extractive metallurgy: extracting metals from thier ores by thermal electrical or chemical methods

    thats all i can think of right now

    maybe graduates who work in the field can give you more on how the working enviroment is like
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