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Engineering Chemical Engineering

  1. Sep 29, 2010 #1
    So I have anida about wanting to major in chemical engineering but Im afraid I might be going into something that I might be underestimating. Can anyone with experience in this field let me know how it is interest wise, because I already know its alot of work but i want to know if you think its enjoyable?
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    Its a very broad field. You can get into the full range of industry or research with it. If you have a strong interest in math, physics and chemistry, then chemical engineering is always a good choice.
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    I am currently half way through my chemical engineering degree, and to be honest it is very different to what i was expecting before i started. I originally went into chemical engineering because i was interested in chemistry and its industrial applications, and while i have found that there is definitely some level of chemistry involved, it is less chemistry and a lot more of studying flow through pipes, heat exchangers, pumps, adsorption columns etc. I dont hate it, and i do find some parts very interesting, however i sometimes think that i may have been more suited to a different degree.

    In saying that though, i still have quite a few more courses to complete, some of which include chemical kinetics and reactor design and another in reaction engineering, so i am hoping that those courses are more of what i want to be studying.
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