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Engineering Chemical engineering.

  1. Aug 16, 2012 #1
    Can some one please help me out I am going to be starting my undergrad and i wanted to know about chemical and electrical engineering. I wanted to know the following things.
    1) which of these two is more in demand?
    2) which of these two is easier?
    3) in which engineering will i get a job right after i graduate ??
    4) in 5 to 6 years which one would be more in demand as in job wise ?
    5) And if there are any chemical engineers here on this forum i want to ask how secure was their job when the recession hit?? Same goes for electrical?
    6) which is better paid?
    7) apart from these two which other engineering would you advice to do interms of getting a job quikly??

    Please if any one can help me out with these questions they have been haunting me.
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    Just a hint: As an EE, your degree/experience has some "portability".

    As a ChE, you should expect to have to learn a lot about the processes that are specific to the place where you are employed. It doesn't matter if you are employed in a a refinery or a mill of some type - you are going to have to learn about some chemical processes that are specific to that industry or even to that location.

    I'm not advising against a job in chemistry vs electrical - just pointing out that there is a lot of industry-specific learning after the fact in chemical, and it may not be as portable as EE. After all, EE jobs related to process control aren't all that different from industry to industry, but ChE jobs can be all over the map. I chose ChE because I live in Maine and there are pulp/paper mills all over the place (or at least there were at the time), and the demand for chemists was quite high.
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