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Chemical Equilibrium

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    Hi, I have 3 questions i cant seem to solve anyways thanks in advance.

    1) If the equilbrium constant at a cetain temperature is 24 for the reaction, 2NO(g) <-> N2(g) + 02(g). Both of the systems listed below cannon be in equilbrium because at this temperature because there is only one value of Kc.

    [NO] = System 1 - System 2
    1.06 1.56

    Since the equilbrium constant does not have units it doesnt matter which unit we use for concentration when calculating Kc.

    2a) At T1, K=0.013
    At T2, K = 083

    If 1.00 mole of A is placed in a 1.00L reaction vessel, at which temperature will the amount of B at equilbfrium be higher? Explain your answer.

    2b) If delta H < 0, which temperature is higher? T1 or T2? Explain your answer.

    3) Use the information below to calculate Kc for the follwing reactiosn at 600 decrees celcius

    C02(g) + H2(g) <-> CO(g) + H2O(g)

    A gas mixture that consits of equal amounts of Co and H20 was injected into a 1.97 rigid walled container at 600 degreees ceclius until the pressure reached 7.25 atm. When the reaction reaced equilbirum, 0.024 mole Of CO were present.

    Thx much.
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    So...what have you tried so far?
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