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Homework Help: Chemical equillibria

  1. Sep 22, 2008 #1
    a question on equillibria

    "Ionic compounds we normally designate as insoluble in water e.g. AgCl actually dissocitae to a small extent into constituent ions. these aqueous ions are in equillibrium with the solid as indicated in the following equation

    AgCl(s) [tex]\Updownarrow[/tex] Ag[tex]^{}_{}+[/tex] (aq) + Cl[tex]^{-}[/tex] (aq)

    if a beaker of water containg solid silver chloride, indicate if the equillibrium components increase, decrease or do not change when a solution of NaCl is added to the beaker

    Mass of AgCl(s): [tex]\uparrow[/tex] or[tex]\downarrow[/tex] or constant

    Concentration of Ag(aq): [tex]\uparrow[/tex] or [tex]\downarrow[/tex] or constant

    Concentration of Cl(aq): [tex]\uparrow[/tex] or [tex]\downarrow[/tex] or constant

    I have put mass of AgCl increase because adding more ionized Cl will interact with the Ag(aq)

    and if this was true Ag(aq) and Cl(aq) would decrease, right?

    But my biggest concern is does the Cl(aq) act with Ag(aq) to create a solid; im just not sure if my logic is correct

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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    and i just read to not post questions here

    So sorry
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    It is the application of the Le Chatelier's principle, and you are right.

    Question will be moved by mentors sooner or later to appropriate forum.
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    thank you for the prompt reply
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