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Chemical formula of bornite?

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    What's the chemical formula of bornite?According to wikipedia
    it is Cu5FeS4.According to http://www.spiritofisis.org/knowledge/crystal_files/bornite.htm [Broken]
    it is Cu2FeS4 and as per my textbook it is Cu3FeS2.Now,What's the actual chemical formula of bornite?I am really confused.
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    Never hurts to read the entire article:

    "Substantial variation in the relative amounts of copper and iron is possible and solid solution extends towards chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) and digenite (Cu9S5). Exsolution of blebs and lamellae of chalcopyrite, digenite, and chalcocite is common."
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    Yes.You are right.Thanks for your answer @ Borek
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