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Chemical Physics or Geophysics?

  1. Jul 16, 2012 #1
    I have been accepted into a chemical physics PhD program with a concentration in optoelectronics, but now I'm considering geophysics as a more preferable major. However, I've already said I would attend and there doesn't seem to be enough time to apply to a different school. Furthermore, geophysics is not offered at the college to which I was accepted. What should I do?
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    kent state, I assume?

    their program in chemical physics and display technologies is very nice. Unless you could go to a much more elite school in geophysics, I don't think that it'll make you much more employable.

    Also, you kind of already accepted.

    But, if you have ZERO interest in optoelectronics, then by all means switch since doing research on stuff you don't care anything about sucks.
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