Chemical solid rocket motors

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    If I make a rocket engine using KNO3 fuel and bentonite clay for the nozzle, shouldn't the ISP of the engine be slightly higher due to the radiation?
    It would be nearly Immeasurable but nevertheless there.

    Kind of like the way a NERVA engine works.
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  3. Borek

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    What radiation?
  4. Bentonite clay has compounds of uranium or thorium in it.
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    I have heard it can be used to absorb some radioactive elements, but I have never heard about bentonite to be radioactive on its own.
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    You've got all kinds of uranium in a uranium mine, but a uranium mine has never been mistaken for a solid rocket.
  7. It's what makes cat litter slightly radioactive.
  8. Borek

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    Have you ever heard about background radiation? Everything is to some extent radioactive, including bananas and water we drink. If natural bentonite is radioactive, it is most likely because of the presence of K-40, not thorium or uranium.
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