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Chemical stick model software

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    Is there any free software for drawing nice neat chemical stick models? I'm just looking for simple software to make the simple stick drawings of the chemical structures.

    I have software for drawing "ball and stick" type drawings, i use Avogadro chemistry software. Its software for drawing the simple chemical structures i want.

    I want to draw drawings like these ones;




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    You can "see" the Freeware version of ACD/ChemSketch. I am sure it can make more or less the same type of structures.

    Not sure if it will satisfy you but it is quite useful as far as I used it.
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    Thats excellent! Thats exactly what i was looking for. In fact even the freeware version has loads of really good tools and stuff for drawing the chemical structures. Its super!!

    I even found a few Youtube videos with tutorials on how to use it;
    How to use ACD ChemSketch, Tutorial;

    Thank you AGNuke, thanks for the tip,
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    The Freeware version only disables 2-3 "special" features like nomenclature, use of their database and one more thing. Other than that, you can also use their templates. You can use 3-D modelling too.
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    Thanks. I tried out some of the features in the software and its really cool. Yes, the 3D modelling is great.

    Thanks for the tip AGNuke,
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