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Homework Help: Chemistry - 3 quick questions

  1. Oct 20, 2009 #1
    If i get these three righ Ill have more 0.5 in my final grade. I've already done this but I would like to see what you have to say.

    1- In a solution of one molarity (M) of NaCL, how many mols of H20 exist comparing to the numer of moles of NaCl?

    2- In a solution of one molarity (M) which is the difference between the concentration of sucrose (C12H22O1) and the concentration of H2O?

    3- Which is the concentration of H20 in pure water?
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    Welcome to the PF. That's not how it works here. The Homework Help Template that you deleted has room for you to list the Relevant Equations and to show your attempt at a solution. We do not do your homework/coursework here, especially to help you cheat.

    Show us your work and answers, and then we can give you some tutorial hints if we see anything wrong.
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    1- 1 mole of H20 and NaCL. M = 1 V = 1 -ยป n= 1

    2 - 0 In the equation, seeing the stequiometry, they have the same n, and since the volume is the same, the concentrations will be equal, so the difference will be 0

    3 - 55.5 g/dm3

    This one i know its right
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