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Chemistry and Neuroscience Tutorials

  1. Jan 6, 2006 #1
    I found some usefull Chemistry and Neuroscience Tutorials. They are all >500kB so i have provided the direct downloading link to them. Pressing the links gives excatly the same result as if I hade uploaded them.

    They were all created by:

    Darin J. Ulness
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    Concordia College
    Moorhead, MN 56562

    General Chemsitry I:
    http://www.cord.edu/faculty/ulnessd/chem127/notes2004.pdf [Broken]

    General Chemistry II:
    http://www.cord.edu/faculty/ulnessd/chem128/chem128notes.pdf [Broken]

    Honors General Chemistry II:
    http://www.cord.edu/faculty/ulnessd/honorschem/notes04.pdf [Broken]

    Physical Chemistry I & II:
    http://www.cord.edu/faculty/ulnessd/pchem/notes04-05.pdf [Broken]

    Molecular Neuroscience:
    http://www.cord.edu/faculty/ulnessd/neuroscience/neuronotes.pdf [Broken]

    Original Page can be found http://www.cord.edu/faculty/ulnessd/ [Broken]
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