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Chemistry book online

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    I'm looking for a general chemistry book online in pdf format.

    I can't seem to find one. could someone help me.

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    I didn't find what i am looking for in the link you provided.

    I'm looking for a general chenistry book in pdf format.
    I can find a lot of math books...
    http://directory.google.com/Top/Science/Math/Publications/Online_Texts/ [Broken]

    but I can't find any chemistry books.
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    who on earth is gonna post a whole general chemistry text online (all the diagrams, pictures, tables and data)?!!! In pdf format!!!
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    I have this one called "The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments" but I don't know where to find it. It's an e-book I got from a guy on chemicalforums.com.
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    That book isn't really a textbook but more of a "experiments you can do" kind of book. It's worth noting that several of the experiments in that book could get you killed too, and they advocate some very outdated and dangerous procedures.

    Just so you know....
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    Yeah, I noticed that.
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