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Homework Help: Chemistry Buffers Theory

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    Chemistry Buffers Theory !!!

    hi guys need some help with buffers heh

    anyways my query is say i have a buffer system, then i add say a strong base or a strong acid, then the ph changes, whats a general statement i can make for these observations regarding the h+ ion concentration and stuff. I know that if i have the buffer, and i add hcl the h+ ions will be consumed by the conjugate base in the buffer and if we add heaps of acid the ph will decrease cos of too much h+ just an opinion anyone care to help me out :)

    and anyone also care to give me reasons and differences why ka value experimentally is different to the literally value? when doing a titration of Nh3 against HCl. thanks
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    any ideas the best i can prob come up with is errors with equipment LOL
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