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Chemistry - Common Ion Effect

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    What is the pH change of a 0.270 M solution of citric acid (pKa = 4.77) if enough sodium citrate is added to make the final concentration of the common citrate ion 0.145 M?

    Okay so first I did an ice-table using the equation:
    citric acid + water <--> hydronium + citric ion
    Using an inital concentration of 0.270 for citric acid and then just solving for x using the Ka value and I got pH = 2.67 (which is the initial pH).
    Now I'm having a problem with how to find the final pH. I think you're supposed to set up another ice table but I'm not too sure what values are supposed to be my initial concentrations. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    HA + H2O <--> H3O+ + A-

    [HA] = 0.270 - x
    [H3O+] = x
    [A-] = 0.145

    [H3O+]*[A-]/[HA] = Ka = 10^(-4.77)

    --> x*0.145/(0.270 - x) = 10^(-4.77)

    --> x = 3.16*10^(-5) --> pH = 4.50
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