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Chemistry demonstrations

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    Can anybody suggest any interesting and simple "chemistry magic show" type of demonstrations appropriate for children? Particuarly demonstrations that require easily accessible materials.

    (I have googled for demonstrations. I'm just curious to see what ya'll would suggest.)
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    What is the age group of the children?
    Is the point purely to entertain, or also the educate aswell?

    One could do a demonstration of pouring two clear liquids into eachother and getting a colored result. For example, a clear solution with a pH indicator, then pour in a clear acid/base solution and change the color of the indicator. There is also another experiment what uses a Lead solution (I think) what will react with another clear solution to form a bright yellow precipitate.....by Magic.
    Liquid Nitrogen is always fun, and dry ice.
    Coloring flames with certain metal ions might work OK too.
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    Two words: elephant toothpaste.
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