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Chemistry Department photo

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    Ignoring the school, links, and overall blandness of this website; can somebody PLEASE explain to me what is happening in the picture to the left?


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    Funniest post of the year, maybe the past 5 years.
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    And in Utah, no less!
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    I believe that's their intro to dildo engineering course :biggrin:
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    I know the sexual undertone lying in here and esp. the way that girl holding that cup.

    But I'm not gonna say nothing as I'm scared of infracture.

    Some mod here got an attitude like a fresh FCC employee.
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    If you have a problem with a mentor's actions feel free to appeal to another mentor, if you have a problem with any post feel free to hit the report button :smile:
    :rofl: whoever made the website has a sense of humour, possibly not shared by this colleague when she sees the pic :tongue2:
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    I am starting to believe that it is a recruiting technique. I know I'm convinced. :tongue:
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