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Homework Help: Chemistry: Electroplating

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    I have a question about electroplating a metal object with copper.

    Since CuSO4 is normally poured in after the power source is connected, what might happen if it is poured in before? Would there be some sort of short-circuit happening or would it just cause the whole experiment to fail?
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    well i have never haerd of adding it after. i have eletroplated with copper before and i had a super satrated sultion of copper sulfate i tricked my friend pretty goodwith the mint condistion weate back penny made in 1943 (he was vary goleble)
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    I agree. Won't pouring it AFTER the voltage is applied create a shock hazard? You know, if your fingers are wet, and you touch the liquid as you're pouring it, the voltage will run UP the flow and into your hands. And also, I've plated a bunch of time in College. The solutions were always ready to go when the voltage was applied.
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    Second (third ?) that.
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