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Homework Help: (chemistry) entropy

  1. Apr 7, 2008 #1
    I have two questions regaring my homework assignmnet

    1) Is there a "spontaneous process" where the "entropy of the surrounding" decreases?
    If so, what kind of reactions (or process) falls into this category? I was trying to
    think of something but couldn't/

    2) and this was is just to make sure I got it right.. Is it right that the system
    is always at equilibrium when [delta S sys= delta S surr].. or do they all have
    to euqal to zero?

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  3. Apr 9, 2008 #2
    any help please?
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    1) Entropy is transferred when one object heats another. Can you think of an example when a system is heated by its surroundings?

    2) The condition of system equilibrium is dSsys=0.
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