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Homework Help: Chemistry Equilibrium with Kp

  1. Oct 18, 2011 #1
    Ok so I don't know what to do to find out whether the reaction has reached equilibrium or not because I wasn't sure whether the relationship between the equilibrium constant and the reaction quotient is the same for the equilibrium partial pressures(Kp)

    N2(g) + 3H2(g) <----> 2NH3(g)

    PNH3 = 3.1 X 10-2 atm
    PN2 = 8.5 X 10-1 atm
    PH2 = 3.1 X 10-3 atm

    I calculated the Kp value for these pressures to be 3.8 X 104

    The problem next says: If PN2 = 0.525 atm, PNH3 = 0.0167 atm ,and PH2 = 0.00761 atm, does this represent a system at equilibrium.

    I calculated the Kp value for these and got 1.2 X 103

    So do I next find the reaction quotient and compare the 2nd Kp value to that in order to find out whether the second set of values reaches equilibrium or not.

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    Yes, it is the same as between concentrations and Kc.
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