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Chemistry graduate program?

  1. Sep 10, 2007 #1
    I'm planning to apply to graduate school this fall and have come to choice of whether to apply for biochemistry or (organic) chemistry programs. I would prefer to go straight into organic chemistry, but I have been told that it may be easier for me to apply to biochem/bio and then switch into organic as I will have a biology BA with a minor in chemistry and not a BS/BA in chemistry...

    Chemistry-wise I will have taken the intro chemistry courses, intro chem lab, 1 year of intro ochem, a semester each of ochem lab, pchem, biochem as well as a graduate course in physical organic chemistry.

    Should I just apply to organic and hope for the best? Are my chances hurt because I will have a biology degree and not a chemistry degree?


    By the way, I also have over a year of analytical biochemical research experience culminating in a poster presentation as well as a projected pending publication in the spring. I would also like to go to a top school such as Scripps, Berkeley or Caltech.
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