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Chemistry Graduate School

  1. Nov 23, 2011 #1
    Hi everyone,
    I am currently a Junior Chemistry Undergraduate at UofA. I already made my decision that I want to apply for chemistry graduate school after I graduate from my undergraduate study. Based on several good discussions with other graduate students at my school, they all told me to take the GRE Chemistry exam. My questions for you guys are: [1] How did you guys study for this exam? [2] Any good prep books for me to buy and study for this exam? The top two books are the Princeton Review NEW GRE CHEM and the REA GRE CHEM PREP. Are there any other good books? Right now, I already taken organic chemistry and analytical chemistry. I am currently taking inorganic chemistry and planning to take physical chemistry next year [Fall 2012]. I am planning to pay the GRE prep class from Kaplan over the summer. Based on my personal information, I really want insightful advises from you guys.
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    Just be careful how you tread and what field you go into. Organic is a field that is in absolute peril right now and many organic chemists are finding themselves unemployed or leaving science all together.
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