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Homework Help: Chemistry-help please

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    when lightening occurs in the sky, energy is released through the electronic relaxation of nitrogen. This energy can be observed as visible light and can be heard as sound waves (thunder). If you were 10 km from the lightening strike, which wave would you observe first? You must justify your answer and must include a calculation(s). Assume that the sound has a frequency of 100 Hz and and a wavelength 3.5 m. Assume that the visible light has a wavelength of 510 nm.

    This comes from problems of the day. We get no solutions, but we have to use these to study for tests. Could you please help me set up these equations. Thanks.
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    Well there is a few equations you would use here being
    velocity=frequency * lambda
    so you would find the speed of both, then you would rearrange velocity=distance/time and see which has the smallest time
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