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Chemistry Help

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    I am doing an assignment and I'm not sure if the answer is endothermic decomposition someone please help me!!!!
    During an experiment, a metal and an excess of fluorine gas were placed into a combustion chamber at a temperature of 1800°C. The temperature in the sealed chamber continued to rise to 2100°C. After the reaction stopped, a brittle white substance, which dissolved in water, was extracted from the chamber. From this evidence one could conclude that this reaction can be classified as
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    I'm no chem expert (by any means), but if the sealed chamber's temperature rose during the reaction, would the RX be endothermic? What are the other options.....?
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    And if two things went in and one thing came out ... would the rxn be a decomposition?
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    This is not an attempt at a solution. This is just a wild guess.

    At the very least you should tell us what you think is decomposing into what.
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