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Homework Help: Chemistry Help

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    I am new to this ... I mean forums never done it before so bear with me.
    Need help with this chem question
    A 40 g ice cube at 0.0C is dropped into %00ml of water at 30C. Assuming the ice melts completely,find the final temperature.
    I need the equation to use and the math explained step by step if some one can help

    these are the formulas that i know i need to use
    mc(delta) t..... (don't know how to get the symbol for delta)
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    I assume that '%00ml' refers to 500 mL?

    Try editing your post to clearly refer to the formulas you know or intend to use.

    Hint: At 0C, ice begins to melt. This heat is the heat of fusion. After melting, the material (now 40 g of water) is still at 0C and has a heat capacity that is different from that of ice.
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