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Homework Help: Chemistry help

  1. Apr 1, 2004 #1
    chemistry help!!

    hi, i really really really need help with this question, i missed 2 days of class, now i dont know whats goin on, im completly lost, and i have a test 2morow on this topic, and a friend told me the teacher said a question of this type will be on this test. i have went through my test book and learned all the other stuff but this is all that i absolutly dont get!! , i just went blank. if somone ANYONE with knowledge if this can help me, i'd really appreciate it, i wouldent do this unless i was desprate , i feel like a retard but here it goes...

    Consider The following reaction mechanism

    2NO(subscript2) (g) -----> NO(subscript3) (g) + NO(g) Ea(activation energy = + 100 KJ delta(triangle)H = + 50KJ

    NO(subscript3) (g) + CO (g) --------> NO(subscript2) (g) + CO(subscript2) Ea = 200KJ deltaH = - 150 KJ

    a) write the overall reaction(rxn) for the above mechanism, and calculate the overall enthalpy change and activation energy.

    b) draw a fully labelled enthalpy diagram include labelled axes, enthalpy changes, Ea, activated complex, productts reactants and illistrate how a catalyst would affect the rxn (reaction).

    thanks alot for anyone that can help or explain this to me, i gotta know how to do this for 2morow
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